Les Trois Mousquetaires with an old selfie on film.

A little about me…

With a lifelong passion for photography and being the middle of three generations of film photographers, I always feel extremely proud that photography is firmly embedded in my DNA. My upbringing of film, piles of negatives, a red box brownie camera and the smell of the darkroom are responsible for my deep, continued interest in shooting film and traditional printing. Time in the darkroom is hugely important to me, working on Art Photography projects with prints seen as artefacts.
Known for my painterly touch and love of light, I work in both film and digital cameras and my interest lies within working with my old film cameras and darkroom print processes, but within a modern context. As a side note, I edit my digital work so that it aligns with my film photography.  I love to breath that luminous, soulful feeling into my work that comes from a slow, considered, mindful approach – both when I am with my camera and when I am editing. If you would like to read more, then pop over to my blog.
To fuel my vision, quality time spent at the Manchester School of Art and University of Gloucestershire studying the three disciplines of Art, Design and Photography, culminating with an MA in Fine Art Photography and papers written on Colour Psychology – all of which continue to feed and directly influence my work. As a result of my research into Minimalism, I’ve become fascinated by Scandinavian painters of the late 1800’s and Japanese Aesthetics which have influenced my photographic style.
Licences available.  Please contact me.